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1:10 Glass on Glass Grinding Tool Individual

1:10 Glass on Glass Grinding Tool Individual

Hello Folks! We've made these tapered grinders available again by popular demand. This listing is for single or multiple grinding tools, for the best deal we recommend to purchase the entire set, which is found as a separate listing. These are made to the same 1:10 taper specifications as all glass on glass tapered fittings, and are made to a Medium length spec with some slight over sizing to allow for wear - and a extremely long life span for your grinder.


Sizes available are the 10/19mm, 14/23mm and 19(18.8)/26mm are the fittings these grinders were modeled after. We are currently in production on 10/19mm, 14/23mm and 19/26mm


They have been designed with maximum tool life in mind and will fit larger than the fittings preventing premature tool expiration due to grinding. We strongly reccomend valve grinding compound found at Amazon or other simillar products. Make sure to get the coarse and fine to have options when you are grinding or finishing your joints.

These tools are named by what they are intended to grind, not what shape they are. It can be confusing. For example; The 14mm M tool is a stainless steel female grinding tool, and the 14mm F tool is a male shaped grinding tool. See images for clarification. These tools are made from high quality stainless steel and are designed to be used in a cordless drill (Carefully!) Or even my be tested by hand to get a 'feel' for how the glass and grinding compound interacts. 

19/26mm, 14/23mm and 10/19mm are here. The older sizes 19/22mm, 14/20mm, and 10/18mm are no longer in production. We hope you understand and find these as a suitable replacement. Thank you kindly.


Please note: Refund will incur 2.9% transaction fee (Payment Processing fee)

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