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Extra Claw Arms (Interchangable)

Extra Claw Arms (Interchangable)

For Standard or Four Claw Standard Tools select fron the following Claw sizes:

EA Style: Reversal balls, ~1 inch diameter spheres.

25-100mm: Carb Caps , Designed with Mark Andrews Glass.*Discontinued*
(available as custom order item, expect some additional delay for manufacture)

25-150mm: General Use Claw Arm, Designed with Slugworth Glass.


Lacy Style: Available now only in brass is a new shape designed in collaboration with the artist Chadd Lacy. This shape was optimized by Lacy for his flowing rounded vessels.

30-100mm: First drawn claw arm intended for goblet footing and small vessels.


For Mini Tools Only Select from the following Claw sizes:

20-115mm(Mini): Is a scaled down version of the 25-150mm claws on the larger claw tool. Versatility and a great starting point for any mini tool build.


Mini EA Style: This is a miniature claw of the EA style. They are great for grabbing jar lips, small flanges and other very small and more detail oriented work. If unsure we reccomend starting with the 25-115mm claws for ease of use and wider application scope.

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