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Four Claw Mini Tool

Four Claw Mini Tool

This is the official @jbhohemoth FOUR claw tool order form.


Please see the measurements photo for more details on overall lengths. The drawing used is featuring the 20-115mm Claw arm set and the mini length(These are the same claws as used on the mini claw).


This tool is currently only orderable in the Mini+ in a 12" over-all length size or the NQALHA extended version that is ~15" over all length or +~3" extended from the mini+ for optimal use on rollers or Mike Peterson's NQALHA. See at 

Tool mass: ~220g.


Intended function: Claw Grabbing of hot glass in a variety of smaller and square shapes with more security.

Interchangable claw arms are currently being developed and only the one set is available currently.

20-115mm: Is a scaled down version of the 25-150mm claws on the larger claw tool. Versatility and a great starting point for any mini tool build.


Mini EA Style: This is a miniature claw of the EA style. They are great for grabbing jar lips, small flanges and other very small and more detail oriented work. If unsure we reccomend starting with the 25-115mm claws for ease of use and wider application scope.


Optional: Add-on Handle in Composite.


Please note: Refund will incur 2.9% transaction fee (Payment Processing fee)

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